Radiology/Pathology Report

Pathology Report

CT Dent offers Pathology reports upon request by a Radiologist who reviews the requested patients study to rule out pathology and any incidental findings that could affect patient outcome and treatment.
Our board-certified oral maxillofacial radiologists review the DICOM file from your patient’s CT scan, interpret the radiographs and create a comprehensive report covering the area of interest and pathology if present.
Each and every Radiology Report is interpreted and signed by a board certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist. Our radiologists carefully review your patients’ CT scan (DICOMs), interpret them and create a comprehensive report covering your area of interest and any existing pathology.
Radiology Reports are all digital. Once a Radiology Report is finished, you can instantly download it in PDF format and take it with you on your tablet or smart phone. This way you can save paper and carry your entire reports library with you for quick reference.

Radiology Report

This is the same as our pathology report just more in-depth and will also include other findings such as upon your request:

  • evaluating existing implants
  • bone measurements for implant planning
  • sinus evaluation
  • TMJ evaluation