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Case of the month - Implant analysis requested. Pre-implant UL1

CBCT Scanner: Kavo OP300

Scanning Protocol: 5cm x 5cm FOV; 0.12 voxels

Effective Dose: 0.04 mSv

Clinical information: Implant analysis requested. Pre-implant UL1.

Radiographic Impression


Reconstructed panoramic radiograph


Dental Findings:
Maxillary left central incisor region; a small supernumerary tooth exhibiting internal/external resorptive changes was observed on the distal surface of the alveolar process with the crown adjacent to the lingual surface of the canine-first premolar interproximal space. The area also contains a large well circumscribed area of low density/radiolucency suggestive of a previous periapical radiolucency/low density. Correlation of the radiographic observation with the patient’s clinical/surgical history is suggested.


Radiographic Impression:
Maxillary left central incisor region. The labial cortical plate appears to be very thin are absent. In addition, a small ovoid area of increased density was noted within the extraction socket suggestive of a small residual root/bone fragment [arrow].
Maxillary right central incisor. A small well circumscribed periapical radiolucency/low density was observed associated with the apex of the tooth. The radiographic appearance is consistent with periapical inflammatory disease of pulpal origin. Appropriate clinical evaluation is suggested.

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The following are selected images from the volume illustrating major findings