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Case of the Month - Implant placement with interesting incidental radiographic findings

CBCT Scanner: KaVo OP3D Vision V17

Scanning Protocol: 16cm x 6cm FOV, 0.25 voxel

Effective Dose: 0.12 mSv

Clinical information: To assess bone volume for placement of implants in the Upper 5 regions bilaterally and for any pathology on the volume.

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Radiographic Impression:

Airspace: clinical evaluation of the soft tissues of the oropharynx is suggested; ectopic soft tissue calcifications within the oropharynx are common incidental radiographic findings that do not require treatment or referral.

Implant Findings: measurements provided below.

The following are selected images from the volume illustrating major findings
Maxillary right and left second premolar regions.
Maxillary left third molar; the third molar appears to have developed a close physical proximity with the distal buccal root of second molar leaving a corresponding developmental defect the surface of the third molar.

Radiologist comment: never seen this type of developmental defect so well delineated in 12 years of reading CBCT images.