We launched our first UK dental scanning centre in London 2007. We addressed a real need amongst dentists, before CT Dent opened there had been no independent dental scanning centres. Dentists without scanning facility in practice had to resort to sending patients to a hospital for a conventional CT scan with x20 the radiation.

There was a real need for an independent imaging centre that specialised solely in CBCT scanning.

The reaction from Dentists was extremely positive and soon practices from across London and further field were referring patients to CT Dent. The high level of demand has led us to open centres across the UK, Isreal, Lithuania and Hong Kong in 2016.

All our centres use the latest in Cone Beam CT imaging technology. This delivers high-resolution, 3D volumetric images, allowing you to make a thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation.

CT Dent vs. other CT scan providers Dentists with in house CBCT Scanning facilities Hospital CT Scanning CT Dent Imaging center
Online training & tech support --- --- Included
Consistently delivers highest quality images ready for dental use --- --- Included
Outstanding patient experience --- --- Yes
Free planning software available (i-CAT Vision) not always --- Free
1:1 scale high quality photo printouts --- --- Yes
Secure portal allowing remote access to patients’ scans --- --- Yes
Fast turnaround --- --- Free
Low dose CBCT scanner Yes --- Yes
Can offer Radiologist Reports --- Yes Yes